Blue Button+ Implementation Guide

February 4, 2013 - Developer Preview | Help edit this site

Testing Your DIRECT Instance

The Trust Anchor for the DIRECT Transport Sandbox is now a part of the Patients-Test and Providers-Test Bundles located at This means that once your application or service is Blue Button+ enabled following the guidelines listed here you can test your application using the Standards Implementation & Testing Environment. SITE is home to testing tools, sample data, and community driven issue support related to implementers seeking guidance in meeting certification requirements.

  1. Make sure you register your service’s anchor at Be sure to select Patients-Test and/or Providers-Test when registering.

  2. You will receive a confirmation about your inclusion into the Blue Button + ecosystem at the contact e-mail address provided.

  3. Visit

  4. Use the SITE platform “Receive” section by entering the recipient DIRECT address for a user on your app (e.g.

    You can select your own content (C-CDA). We recommend using:

If you use your own C-CDAs, please run them through the SMART C-CDA Scorecard to ensure that your C-CDAs are following best practices.

Or you can choose built-in content from SITE via the “Pick Sample” dropdown. Sandbox Dropdown

  1. A message will be sent to the address provided.

  2. For simulating a patient sharing their C-CDA with another provider, you can send a direct message to The sandbox will send you a response back on receipt of the message.

For general support, questions or feedback use the FAQ and Community Forum sections. These are great resources for developers looking to meet Meaningful Use and C-CDA requirements.

If you are still having technical difficulties using the SITE tools or services contact the admin help desk at

For any Blue Button or Blue Button+ inquiries reach out to