Blue Button+ Implementation Guide

February 4, 2013 - Developer Preview | Help edit this site

Getting Started with Blue Button+

Blue Button is the symbol for a patient’s access to their own data. Blue Button+ is the ability to get records in a human-readable and machine-readable format; and to send them where they choose. This enables a consumer to do everything from printing a physical copy to sharing it with a third party application.

For Data Holders / Providers

Learn how to structure a patient health record and how to transmit it to a patient’s location of choosing. Meet MU 2 - VDT requirement.

For Third Party Applications

Learn how to build applications powered by Blue Button+ receiving structured patient health records and getting automated access from dataholders.

This Blue Button+ guidance was developed though ONC’s Standards and Interoperability Framework initiative with input from more than 70 organizations. These docs are hosted on GitHub, if you have any suggestions create a Pull Request.